CompTIA A+ Certification


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Course Code A+ 

This Accelerated training includes the 5-day courses CompTIA A+ Certification Essentials Support Skills and CompTIA A+ Certification Electives Support Skills. The course will teach support newcomers the fundamental principles of supporting desktop and portable computers and operating systems.


Course Length 5 days



Students should have successfully completed PC Fundamentals or have basic experience of using a PC, Windows and browsing the Web. The following key skills are recommended:

  • Use a keyboard and mouse.

  • Recognise the main components of a PC (such as case, monitor, mouse, and keyboard) and different data media such as floppy disks or CD-ROMs.

  • Start the computer and navigate the Desktop.

  • Use Windows Explorer to create directories and subdirectories; and move, copy, or rename files and directories.

  • Use Internet Explorer to view websites.



Skills and Key Topics After completing this course, you will be able to:

Instructional Method†††††††† Interactive presentation and practical application through hands-on labs and group activities


Certification Preparation This course will prepare students for the 220-601 CompTIA A+ Certification Essentials  exam and for the studentsí chosen CompTIA A+ Certification Elective exam:

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